4 situations where a driveway beam could save the day

Worried about people coming onto your property without you knowing?

When your entrance is a long way off, or out of site, you don’t always know when people enter your property. You might miss an important visitor – or worst case the visitor could be up to no good!

If unexpected visitors concern you, a driveway beam (alarm) could be the answer. It alerts you the instant a person or vehicle enters your property.

Driveway beams explained

Most good driveway beam systems work on the principle of transmitting an invisible beam of light between two points. Like an invisible security gate. When the beam is interrupted, an alert is generated.

But did you know, driveway beams actually have wider uses and benefits than simply acting as an invisible security gate.

Here are 4 great uses for driveway beams:

  1. Home security – Protect your boundary
  2. Business security – Keep a record of who’s been on your property
  3. Provide better customer service
  4. Protect the health and safety of your staff

Let’s take a look at these uses in more detail…

1. Home security

Imagine this scenario: Your property is in a rural setting where neither yourself nor your neighbours would hear any unusual disturbance. With valuable equipment in your sheds and a family to protect you want to make sure your property is secure.

On your driveway, two small Beam Units are installed directly opposite each other. An infra-red beam is transmitted from one and received by the other. You have an invisible infra-red beam across your driveway – like an invisible security gate.

When a vehicle or person interrupts the beam by passing through it, an alert is activated.

Up at your house (or somewhere else on your property), you receive this alert from a buzzer, text message, pocket beeper or a CCTV image (or combination).

When you get the alert that someone’s on your property you can either put the kettle on or call the police – depending on the time of day or night and the type of visitor!

The system allows you to remotely monitor anything from driveways, sheds, or machinery and can be as simple or complex as needed – depending on your risks, budget and environment.

2. Keep a record of who’s been on your property

Take for example harvest time on a busy orchard. There are all sorts of contractors moving on and off the property.

Using a driveway beam system coupled with CCTV and analytics, you can keep a log of all movements on and off your property.

If any fraud or theft is detected, the CCTV information could help catch the perpetrators. Informing all contractors the system is in place will also act as a deterrent.

3. Provide better customer service

If you run a business, and you want to make sure you attend promptly to any customer that comes into your property, then a driveway sensor offers a great solution.

With an alert system you’re not tied to the ‘front desk’. You can be off attending to other matters knowing that when a customer does arrive, you’ll be alerted and can attend to them pronto.

4. Protect the health and safety of your staff

Sensor beam units can be positioned to cover a number of zones. They can be used to alert workers when a vehicle enters their area.

In this instance the driveway beam is being used as a safety alert – hooked up to flashing lights and or siren to warn people of a possible danger.

For example, a bitumen plant might have several beams in operation. When a truck enters a zone an outdoor sounder and flashing light is activated so everyone is aware there is a vehicle approaching.

At Be Alarmed we specify and install driveway beams for commercial and rural applications.

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