7 signs it’s time to review your home security

What’s the only constant in life? Change.

And when things change, it’s a good time to think about your security. To consider whether it’s still up to the job and that everything is working as it should.

But just what life changes should spark a security review?

Here are our top 7 picks:

  1. When you get a new asset — think cars, bikes, boats, tools, jewellery, TVs, computers, devices
  2. When you start a new routine — think jobs, school, gym
  3. When people come and go — think access for friends and relatives, cleaners and tradies
  4. When you’re reviewing your insurance
  5. If you’re about to renovate your home
  6. When you’ve just moved
  7. When someone in your street has just moved

These are all things that could mean your existing security no longer cuts the mustard.

Why? Because these changes all create a different set of circumstances than existed when you first set up your security (or last reviewed it).

Did you know that 7.5 out of 10 burglaries in NZ are home burglaries, and over half of break-ins occur when you’re away for 24 hours or less? Just when you’re doing life as usual. And any changes to your routines and circumstances provide opportunities for burglars.

So when any of the above changes occur it’s a good reminder to think about your security.

Is your home secure?

We’ve put together a list of things you should check to make sure your house is secure and deter burglars:

Is your security visible?

Place security cameras in plain sight, make sure your alarm is easily visible. Put up security signage, inform intruders that you have a security monitoring system in place. Warn them off!

Is your lighting automatic?

Outdoor security lighting that automatically turns on when triggered by movement, makes intruders immediately more visible. As a result, burglars are more likely to avoid a home with security lighting as this provides risk.

Are your locks and gates secure?

The most common techniques for house break-ins are where burglars use simple household tools to break locks that aren’t very robust.

Is anything lying around that could help a burglar?

There’s nothing handier than a ladder when it comes to reaching high windows. Or a heavy object to throw through a window. Have a look around outside and put away anything that could help someone break in.

Do you have a burglar alarm?

Burglar alarms not only raise the alarm they also act as a deterrent. These days CCTV is very affordable also.

Do you use the burglar alarm?

Only 55% of us actually turn the alarm on every time we leave the house. It’s worth doing – even for short trips. And remember some insurance companies won’t pay out if the alarm wasn’t on.

Who has access to access codes and keys?

When was the last time you changed your access codes and locks? Who has access to them? And do you still trust them?

Are you too busy to think about this right now, but know it’s important?

Let the professionals do it for you.

We’re happy to do a free no obligation security review covering all of the above and more. Give me (Gavin) a call on 027 578 1298. Or request a quote now.

We just want you to be safe and secure.