Christmas Closedown: Why you should get it sorted now (not at Christmas)

Warning. The silly season is getting closer.

Yes, pretty soon your work and personal life will get crazy busy in the lead up to Christmas Day. There’ll be parties, and orders, gifts for clients, last minute jobs, December invoicing, holiday pay and more. When Christmas finally arrives you’ll be ready for a break!
For many businesses, reaching Christmas means it’s time for the annual Christmas closedown. A well earned rest for the team.

Think ahead about your security

Unfortunately, not all criminals take a summer break (in fact, it can be their busy season!). So while you and your team are away relaxing, your premises is vulnerable.

Here are some questions to ask to ensure your premises is ready for Christmas.

If you need any changes to your security equipment, get on to them early. This way you avoid the Christmas rush and can get the necessary work done to ensure optimal security of your premises.

  • Have you tested your alarm system recently?
  • Do any systems or equipment need upgrading?
  • Are your CCTV cameras all fully operational and pointing at the right spots?
  • Are all your windows and doors lockable/securable?
  • Do you have visible security signage?
  • What procedures are in place in the event of an alarm activation or emergency?
  • What is the access policy to your premises during the holiday period?
  • Have you made arrangements to shut off any plant or equipment?
  • Do you require extra monitoring and is it booked?
  • Is there a designated key-holder for your property should you be unavailable?

Let your customers know early

Another thing you don’t want to leave too late is giving your customers plenty of warning about your Christmas closedown period. Put a message on your website and/or include notification of your closing dates in your email footer or Christmas card. Speak to your customers and key suppliers to let them know what to expect.

Get it sorted now

Ensuring your premises is secure over the break is important, but only one of many things to get sorted before closedown. So get your security sorted early and it won’t get in the way of everything else happening at this crazy time of year.