DIY vs professional home alarm installation.

If you’re like most Kiwi’s, you’ll love getting your hands dirty with a good DIY project. But when it comes to alarm systems, is it a good idea to install your own security?

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of DIY vs professional installation when it comes to alarm systems.

DIY alarm installation

With a DIY alarm install, you decide where the sensors and devices go, and how to piece everything together. This is a critical element to how well your system will work, so you’ll need to plan this carefully to get the outcome you want – an alarm that works.

DIY installation systems are wireless and fairly simple to install and can take anywhere from few minutes (if you’re superhuman) to a few hours. And the best part about DIY installations is that they’re free, so you end up saving on up-front costs (unless you count the opportunity cost of your time that is).

Assuming you get the setup right and it doesn’t take you too long, the biggest challenge with DIY systems is support. Because there is generally no service or support set-up with a DIY system. Think about your alarm going off at 2 am (falsely) and not knowing how to fix it, or having anyone to call.

Another thing to be aware of with DIY installations is the insurance implications. Some policies will give you a discount for having an alarm system but may require it to be installed by a licensed professional. Check your policy before heading down the DIY track.

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Professional installation

If you decide on professional installation, it’ll cost more, although you won’t have to lift a finger.

With professional installation, a technician takes care of the entire process. They’ll assess your home’s layout, place sensors and devices in optimal locations, and address any questions or problems.

Another advantage of a professional installation is that the product itself is likely to be of a higher quality.

And most importantly, you’ll have support available should anything ever go wrong with your system. Your alarm installer will take care of any servicing and maintenance so that you can always rely on your alarm system being in good working order. Phew!

Making the call

We’re a bit biased, so of course we’re going to say get the professionals in!

But like anything these days, it comes down to your budget and your motivation.

As long as you’re aware of the limitations of your DIY system, any alarm system is better than no alarm system. No matter who installs it!

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