How to avoid getting burgled

Another day, another burglary.

Yes, burglaries in the Western Bay of Plenty are at an all time high.

In September, there were twice as many burglaries compared with two years ago.

Not a good situation when you have precious belongings and property to protect. Some of which is most likely irreplaceable (think Granny’s jewelry, your mint condition vintage thingamajig, your personal details…)

Is your property vulnerable?

Burglar alarms and cameras are a well-proven burglar deterrent.

If you don’t have one and your neighbour does – guess who’s more likely to be broken into!

Feeling nervous?

Here’s one excellent solution for your home or business security.

Risco Agility 3 Wireless Security System

Instant identification of intruders

The Risco Agility 3 wireless security system features advanced motion detectors with integrated cameras. What this means, is the cameras can detect, record and take a sequence of photos of any unusual movements the instant they occur. The photos are sent (and stored) via the cloud to your smartphone. The instant someone breaks in.

You can then decide what action to take – depending on whether it’s a burglar or your son and his mates back from footie. And even if cunning burglars smash the alarm and cameras it’s too late. Their mug shot is already in the cloud.

Control your alarm system right from your smartphone

For super convenience, you can control everything remotely from your phone. Alarm and disarm, get alarm notifications, change access pin codes, get photo verifications. You can do it all from your phone with active alerts and activity logs. You can load up to 16 people to get these alerts

Pack and go security

Another advantage of wireless security systems is the plug and play installation. Agility 3 is quick and easy to install and uninstall. This is great for renters. You can take your security investment with you when you move.

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Link your burglar alarm to your smoke alarm

You can link the alarm system to your smoke detectors. So if a smoke detector is activated it activates your alarm system. If you’re not home, you get an alert, so you can take immediate action and call the fire brigade and/or neighbour.

Also for businesses

Not just a residential solution, if you own a business or commercial property the Agility 3 System is also ideal. It has advanced security and monitoring capabilities for both monitoring stations and end-users. And its wireless setup also makes it ideal for portable buildings.

Get protected today

If all the burglaries about town are making you nervous, then you should seriously consider having a system such as the Risco Agility 3 installed.

You’ll be surprised how affordable systems like this are. What’s more, they’re packed with useful features, easy to operate and no fuss to install (and uninstall and move).

Don’t be the unlucky house or business that gets robbed next week.

Get protected today.

Want to find out more about Risco Agility 3 and wireless alarms? Give me (Gavin) a call at BeAlarmed on 027 578 1298. Or request a quote now.