How to secure your bach for winter (and the rest of the year too)

Not using your holiday home much at the moment?

Feeling nervous about break-ins and vandalism?

During the off-season, it can be months between visiting your bach. What could go wrong without you knowing?

You’ve probably ruled out security alarms. Right? Too many false alarms (and who deals with them?). No internet or phone connection. Expensive to install.

So what’s the answer?

How can you keep your holiday house secure, but not have a constant battle with security?

Here’s one excellent solution to your holiday home security issues.

5 reasons wireless security systems are perfect for baches

#1. You don’t need an internet connection or land line

With a wireless alarm system, the alarm sensors connect wirelessly to the control panel. The control panel communicates wirelessly to the outside world using a cellular “uplink.”

Think of the alarm system as operating like a cell phone. So if your bach has cell coverage – it can have security coverage.

#2. You’re in control from your smart phone

With a smartphone app, you can control everything remotely from your phone. Alarm and disarm, get alarm notifications, change access pin codes, get photo verifications.

Wherever you are in the country you can control the security at your bach. Maybe you want to disarm the alarm to let a tradesman on the property for repairs. Or you want to know what time the alarm was re-activated to know when someone left the property. You can do it all from your phone with active alerts and activity logs.

# 3. False alarm or get the police? You’ll know which.

You can get photo or video verification sent to your phone in response to alarm triggers. This means you can see what’s going on, and determine whether it’s a serious situation or false alarm. And if it is a crime in progress, this visual verification can be used to ensure police respond. (In the case of burglaries, if you call the police and have visual verification they are obliged to respond. With no verification they don’t have to respond).

You can also use the photo verification to check in on the property on demand. Perhaps before or after a tenant arrives, after a serious weather event, or just when you think about it.

# 4. Link to smoke detectors

It’s not just burglaries or vandalism you need to worry about. What about fires! If no one’s on the property a beeping smoke alarm won’t do anything to stop a fire spreading.

The latest wireless alarm systems can be linked to your smoke detectors. So if a smoke detector is activated it activates your alarm system. You get an alert, so you can take immediate action and call the fire brigade and/or neighbour.

# 5. Protect parts of the house

Want to keep some parts of the house alarmed at all times? Perhaps a storage room or maybe you’re only renting out part of the house. Easy. You can partition parts of the house to stay alarmed. Right from your phone.

Stop worrying about your bach

Wireless alarms are the perfect solution for baches. Affordable. Easy to install. And remotely controlled.

Say hello to knowing everything’s safe and secure.

And if anything ever goes wrong. You’ll be onto it. Pronto.

Want to find out more about wireless alarms? Give me (Gavin) a call at BeAlarmed on 027 578 1298. Or request a quote now.