How your alarm system can also automate processes

Why do something manually if it can be automated?

That’s why we love our time-saving devices like washing machines, microwaves, laser printers and smartphone apps. Where would we be without them?

Automating stuff not only saves time, it’s also usually more dependable than relying on us mere mortals.

While we’re not quite at the point where robots can do all the boring stuff for us, automation is becoming more and more accessible. Take security alarm systems for example…

These days, most security systems are smart. As well as integrating CCTV, remote monitoring, smartphone apps etc, they offer automation opportunities. Put simply, this means you can use the alarm to automatically activate and deactivate other devices on your premises.

Wondering how this could be helpful?

Here’s how two of our customers are using their alarm systems to automate some of their processes.

Cintesi – Managing comings and goings

Cintesi supply commercial and residential furniture, primarily for the hospitality sector. They have a showroom and distribution centre in Tauranga which can be a very busy place.

“We have trucks coming in and out all the time – and not just 9 to 5. Whether it be Mainfreight delivering a container in the middle of the night, or one of our team leaving early on a delivery run we need easy, but secure access at all hours.” Sam Stacey, Cintesi.

Initially, Cintesi came to Be Alarmed looking for an alarm and CCTV system, but the ended up with much more. Here’s how their system supports their operation and makes life easier.

Remote activation

Gates and doors can be activated remotely from authorised mobile phones. This means if any deliveries or pickups need to be made they can happen even if the warehouse is unattended.

Automatic shut off

There is no way the lights and air conditioning can be left on at Cintesi. When the alarm is set each night it automatically cuts the lights and air conditioning. This makes leaving the premises a lot faster and also cuts any unnecessary power usage.

Restricted access

Different parts of the building can be secured and restricted to authorised people only. And if something comes up and an authorisation needs to be changed that can be done remotely – giving staff and suppliers access when and where they need it.

For the record

The CCTV footage provides valuable evidence for any health and safety incidents, freight mix ups, or dishonesty. It’s easy to look back over the footage and ascertain exactly what has happened so that it can be sorted.

“It’s incredibly helpful being able to manage everything from your phone. It saves a lot of time and allows a lot of flexibility.” Sam Stacey

Burgerfuel – Safe and secure

If you’re partial to a good hamburger you’ll know about Burgerfuel. Franchisee Rhys Jakich has 3 restaurants around Tauranga/Mt Maunganui.

“The CCTV system helps with communication more than anything. I can check whether a store is busy before I call, I can see whether supplies have been delivered without having to bother the staff. It can short circuit things significantly.” Rhys Jakich.

Here’s how Burgerfuel’s security system helps them manage their business.

Automatic gas shut-off

Gas that’s left on can be a fire hazard. And at the end of a long hot shift, it’s a big responsibility to make sure everything is completely shut down before closing up the store. That’s why Burgerfuel opted to have the gas automatically shut off when the alarm is activated. This significantly reduces fire risk – and the burden on staff.

Eyes on

Rhys can access the live feed from the CCTV cameras in store anytime and anywhere from his phone or laptop. This way he can check-in to make sure everything’s running smoothly. Within the stores, the live feed is handy too. If someone’s working out the back they can also keep an eye on front of house in case things are getting busy.

For the record

Like Cintesi, Burgerfuel has out of hours deliveries and suppliers coming onto the premises. The alarm system logs all entries and exits and coupled with CCTV footage will catch any unauthorised activity.

“Essentially, our security system helps to manage risks. And it’s super easy to use” Rhys Jakich.

What would you automate?

These days automation and security go hand in hand. The secret is in the design and planning.

Where are the risks in your business, and what could be automated?

Make sure you involve security experts (such as Be Alarmed) at the planning stage and they can help you design a system that will work for your unique requirements – now and in the future.

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