Prevention beats cure: What you need to know about deterrent systems

Usually, people think of preventing theft and vandalism when looking to invest in security systems. But the rise of homelessness and loitering throughout the Bay of Plenty is also causing problems for local businesses. Business owners are starting to see the importance of having external deterrent systems to avoid nuisance factors and potential business closures (think cleaning up vomit, broken glass, rubbish etc.).

What do we mean by deterrent systems? Anything that will deter someone from entering a property when they’re not supposed to. This could include lighting, CCTV cameras, sprinklers, as well as physical barriers and alarm systems.

Why should you think about deterrent systems for your business?

  • They provide assurance to yourself and your staff.
  • They minimise the risk of business closures and loss of revenue.
  • They help to keep your storefronts and yards clean, safe and secure.
  • Your insurance premiums will stay down as you won’t need to claim as often.
  • Your time is better spent on your business rather than worrying about theft and vandalism.

Who can benefit from a deterrent system?

  • Shops, restaurants and cafes.
  • Worksites.
  • Yards.
  • Apartment buildings, backpackers, venues and hotels.
  • Banks, offices and government buildings.
  • Anyone who wants to take steps towards a safe and secure business.

Examples of external deterrent systems:

Cameras are still one of the best forms of crime deterrent and prevention. Ensuring the cameras are in sight and well signposted will help to keep the unwanted visitors away. And they will put a face to damage or theft and will help Police to find the culprit.

Point-to-point beam systems are a fantastic way of alerting you to activity on your premises. These are especially useful for worksites and yards where foot traffic is minimal. An alert to a buzzer on your wall or on your phone will let you know when the beams have been broken and someone has crossed onto your premises.

Floodlights are another great deterrent method. With your site well lit, there is nowhere for loiterers or thieves to hide. This can also be a great way of keeping unwanted homeless persons from camping out at night, with the constant bright lights hindering sleep.

If loitering and the homeless are an issue for you and your business, you may want to look into a sprinkler system. This system won’t harm or capture vandals or loiterers, but the nuisance value of being soaked with water will ensure they don’t stay the night or keep coming back. This simple solution will help you and your staff turn up to a safe and clean workplace every morning.

The anecdotes keep coming

We’ve heard about a worksite that had $25,000 worth of fuel drained from vehicles on site over a two year period. Another had 22 truck batteries stolen. And a workshop having the copper and metal from their machinery stolen. Inner city building entrance ways becoming permanent homeless hotels, and apartments struggling with loiterers.

All of these cases could’ve been avoided with a deterrent system in place.

It is so important to find ways to deter this unwanted behaviour. To ensure your business is safe, secure and working at its top level with minimal interruption. Having effective systems in place will ensure you’re one step ahead and open for business.

When it comes to your business and your assets, prevention beats cure.

If you want to see how we can help you with your deterrent systems give me (Gavin) a call at Be Alarmed on 027 578 1298.