Revealed: Top security do’s & don’ts for your home and business these holidays

Ah—the holidays!

Time to get away for a bit. Relax. Unwind. Catch up with friends and family.

But stop right there…

Will your home and/or business be safe and secure while you’re away?

The last thing you want putting a damper on your holiday is finding out you’ve been burgled or vandalised.

So to avoid that pain, we’ve put together a list of security do’s and don’ts.

Have a read, take some action if needed, and enjoy your holiday.

Security do’s

Do make your security visible

Place security cameras in plain sight, make sure your alarm is easily visible. Put up security signage, inform intruders that you have a security monitoring system in place. Warn them off!

Do arm your alarm

Seems obvious but you’d be amazed how many people forget in their rush to get out the door!

Do enlist trusted neighbours or alarm monitoring

Let neighbours you know and trust know about your plans. Ask them to keep an eye on things. For your business, consider having your alarm temporarily monitored over the holiday period.

Do Park your vehicles inside

This is especially important for trade vehicles. Your van will be full of tools (you’re not using them are you!). If you can’t park your vehicles inside than find a safe place, well lit and with plenty of people around.

Security don’ts

Don’t leave windows or doors unlocked

Again, obvious. But what about those wobbly latches or flimsy locks? Sort those out (and remember to shut and lock all doors and windows too).

Don’t let burglars know what you got for Xmas

Packaging from your TV or PlayStation – that’s a magnet for burglars. Let’s them know what they’ll find inside your house. Don’t leave it sticking out of the recycling.

Don’t leave valuables in plain site

Place any expensive valuables, such as electronics, where they can’t be seen from outside. Hide any jewellery and valuables well so that they’re safe even if a burglar manages to get into the house (ie: not the top drawer in the master bedroom).

For your business, this advice applies to any tools and equipment, computers and electronics. Keep them out of site and difficult to access.

Don’t leave anything lying around that could help a burglar

There’s nothing handier than a ladder when it comes to reaching high windows. Or a heavy object to throw through a window. Have a look around outside and put away anything that could help someone break in.

Need help getting your security sorted? Whether for home or business Be Alarmed offers a range of security solutions including alarm systems, CCTV and access control. Give me (Gavin) a call on 027 578 1298. Or request a quote now.