Switching to fibre internet? Read this first

Making the switch to fibre?

Ultrafast broadband (fibre) is the bee’s knees, right?

Yes – Ultrafast broadband (UFB) is the best possible internet connection available in New Zealand. With ultrafast broadband, you’ll experience faster download and upload speeds, more reliable connectivity, and crisper and sharper video.

It’s perfect for busy homes with lots of devices connected to the internet, such as smartphones, tablets, televisions and laptops. So you’d be silly not to get yourself hooked up.

But – watch out.

There are a few hooks you should be aware of before you make the switch.

For a smooth transition to fibre:

What do you currently rely on the phone line for?

Obviously, you talk on the phone. But think about what other devices rely on the phone line. Do you have any medical alarms or devices that are remotely monitored? What about your security alarm? Is that monitored?

When you switch to fibre, anything that currently relies on the phone line will now have to communicate via the internet. You will need to make sure your alarm devices have IP capability before you switch. If not, you may need to add an IP module (at a cost of approx $200 – $250) or replace your system completely. Talk to the provider of these products about your options (or we can also advise you). But get it sorted before you switch to ensure uninterrupted connection.

What do you currently rely on power for?

Ultrafast broadband services for internet and phone are completely digital and need a power source to work.

This means that, if a power cut happens, your phone won’t work. And devices and alarms will rely on battery power until the power is resumed. For most people, this won’t be an issue as they have mobile phones (providing they are charged!). But it is something to be aware of.

Alarm monitoring

Switching to fibre will mean an increase in pricing for monitoring. Typically the price will go from $30 per month up to $40 per month. But to offset that increase, if you replace your alarm, you’ll have access to much more sophisticated reporting and features. For example, you’ll be able to remotely log-in to your security system from your smartphone. With a smartphone app, you can control everything remotely from your phone. Alarm and disarm, get alarm notifications, change access pin codes, and get photo verifications.

Something else to be aware of is the capability of your existing router. Once you go to fibre and as you add more devices and access more content online the demand on the internet stream increases. Often older routers have trouble coping with this increased demand.

Rental property

Often the responsibilities are unclear if a rental property is rented with an existing monitored alarm. If the tenant wants to upgrade to fibre and it means an upgrade to the alarm system is required, then who pays for it? This should be clarified (ideally in writing) before any work is undertaken.


You may decide not to upgrade your alarm system when you make the switch to fibre and forgo your monitoring service. If so, then you need to advise your insurance company. You’ll lose your monitored alarm discount. But more importantly, if your policy notes that you have a monitored alarm and you get burgled, you may not be covered if your alarm isn’t monitored anymore.

Take the opportunity to review your security

Making the switch to fibre is the right thing to do. In an increasingly connected world, it’s only going to become more essential.

If you do have an existing alarm, technology will have come a long way since installing it. So when you switch to fibre, it’s a good chance to replace your outdated security system.

Today’s alarm systems are affordable, easy to install and packed with features. You can link to smoke detectors, remotely disarm and arm the alarm, get active alerts, view activity logs and more.

So what are you waiting for? Keep up with the times and make the switch to fibre! All the internet providers are set up to make the transition as easy as possible.

And if you need our help or advice just sing out.

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