Why every school should invest in CCTV

Does your school have CCTV cameras in operation?

Perhaps you’ve thought about it but put it in the too hard basket. Would there be privacy issues? Would it cost a lot? Where would the cameras go? How would it be managed?

A can of worms…

And while you’re procrastinating about opening that can of worms (which it isn’t by the way) how many times has your school been vandalised or burgled? How many playground incidents have you had to deal with?

The good news is, having CCTV in operation doesn’t open a can of worms for schools at all. It’s affordable, it provides an effective deterrent for thieves and vandals, and if there is any trouble the chances of bringing the perpetrators to account are dramatically improved.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what two local schools have to say about their CCTV systems (spoiler alert – they LOVE them for the reasons just mentioned)

Otumoetai Intermediate School

Before having CCTV installed Otumoetai Intermediate School (OIS) was vandalised on almost a weekly basis according to caretaker Dean Bateman. “We had tagging, break-ins, theft, smashed windows – you name it. The final straw was an arson attack in 2009. That’s when we installed our first CCTV cameras.”

And since then, the school has been largely trouble free on the vandalism and theft front. There are plenty of signs up notifying would-be trouble makers of the cameras in operation and this seems to be deterrent enough.

Over time more cameras have been added, and now all critical areas of the school are covered, including outside the toilets (because as you know from your own school days, that’s where there can be trouble among students).

In fact, trouble between students is the main use for the cameras around the school now. CCTV footage makes it quick and easy to get to the bottom of any playground incidents and hold people to account. “We don’t have to worry about, “he said, she said” anymore. If there’s an incident we just look at the footage, get to the bottom of it quickly and deal with it” says Bateman.

“Also the kids all know the cameras are in operation too which acts as a deterrent for any errant behaviour before or after school”.

Pillans Point Primary School

“We initially installed a CCTV camera in our pool area. At the time we were having some petty vandalism incidents. Nothing serious, just people not respecting our property.” says Matt Simeon, Principal.

Knowing they would likely require more cameras in the future, the school invested in setting up the system infrastructure so that more camera’s could be added over time. And that’s just what they’ve done.

The next camera was installed last year while construction of new classrooms was underway. This camera had a dual purpose. Firstly to capture a timelapse record of the construction process and changes to the school yard, and secondly, to protect the construction site, materials and tools from theft.

That job done, this camera now watches over the junior playground. And lucky it does. Just this week it caught a group of teenagers emptying the contents of a beanbag all over the playground. Using the CCTV footage, the teens were quickly identified and are now feeling very sheepish about their weekend “brainfart” as Matt calls it.

Over time more camera’s will be added. “We don’t really have too many issues here. The cameras act as a good deterrent and if something does happen (as in last weekend) we can catch up with the culprits and hold them to account” Matt Simeon.

CCTV is a powerful tool for schools

Running a school is a huge responsibility. Fortunately, surveillance technology can make your job a lot easier and your school a lot safer.

Just to re-cap, here are some of the benefits a CCTV surveillance system can bring to your school.

  • Deter crime, reduce break-ins and vandalism
  • Monitor student behaviour
  • Prevent bullying
  • Retain H&S evidence
  • Eliminate unauthorised intruders
  • Keep an eye on remote entrances/exits & off-limit areas
  • Aide in emergency evacuation
  • Visitor monitoring
  • Staff monitoring
  • Protect vehicles
  • Peace of mind to parents

Is cost a barrier for your school? Leasing is an effective tool to overcome the upfront capital requirements when purchasing ICT equipment. We can access funding through Equico. This enables your school to obtain the technology needed today.

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