Why you need to get your security alarm serviced (ASAP)

Imagine if you didn’t ever get your car serviced or warranted.

Would you feel confident taking it on a long journey? Car fully loaded, kids in the back, everyone looking forward to a road trip.

The thing is, your car might be driving OK right now, but if you haven’t looked after it or even checked it, can you be sure it’ll make it over the Kaimais and beyond?

That’s why you get your car warranted and serviced regularly. To give you confidence your car will work when you need it to. Because if it doesn’t, you’re in trouble.

Well, believe it or not, the same goes for alarm systems (alarms, CCTV, access control, automatic gates, driveway beams etc.). If you get them regularly serviced you can be sure they’ll be in good working order. If you don’t, well, they might not work when you really need them to.

So here’s the low down on alarm servicing.

How often should you get your alarm serviced?

You should get your alarm system checked annually or at least 2 yearly. Make sure you check your insurance policy fine print, as they sometimes list service requirements.

If your home/building is in an area that has frequent power outages or extreme environmental conditions such as salt, dust, or changing temperatures then you should get annual service checks as a minimum.

Why is it a good idea to get your alarm serviced?

Having your alarm serviced will first and foremost ensure your alarm system will work properly when there’s a security breach.

Some insurance policies require regular service checks, as do some product warranty conditions.

And servicing will minimise false alarms, error messages/beeps, and faults.

What’s included in a service?

Generally, a service will include the following:

  • Testing of all equipment to ensure correct operation
  • Checking for wear and tear (and cleaning of the equipment)
  • Replacing back-up batteries if necessary
  • Updating your keycodes if required (note: it’s good to change these every year)
  • User refresher on systems operation if required

Basically, it comes down to this. If you can’t rely on your security to work when you need it to, you might as well not have it at all.

So get your alarm system serviced regularly and get yourself some peace of mind. Easy.

Want to book a service or got some questions? Give me (Gavin) a call at BeAlarmed on 027 578 1298. Or request a quote now.