Why you need to think about security before you start construction

Are you building new premises now or at some point in the future?

Security systems, alarms, CCTV – these are all essential elements of any new build if you want to protect your business.

So when is the best time to specify and install an alarm system?

As soon as possible. Not when the building is finished, but right when the building is designed.

Why? Because, if you plan for your security, and plan for future upgrades, you’ll end up with a much better solution, you’ll achieve better value for money long term and you’ll provide a level of future proofing.

Smart tech.

These days, most security systems are smart. As well as integrating CCTV, remote monitoring, smartphone apps etc. they offer automation opportunities. Put simply, this means you can use the alarm to switch other things on and off. If you get in early and plan out what you want then there are many options open to you.

Take this scenario as an example. If your business is run from office premises you might want to incorporate the following activities with your alarm:

  • When you arm the alarm
  • Be alerted to any doors or windows that have been inadvertently left open
  • Automatically switch off air conditioning, printers, lights etc.
  • When you disarm the alarm
  • Automatically switch on air conditioning, printers, lights etc.

Incorporating these add-on features is easy if you include them during the design and build process. Start by thinking about how you will use the building and work from there. What are the usual activities that occur when people arrive and leave the premises? How can these processes be automated?

Pre-wiring is easy

Another advantage to planning and installing your security system before your building is complete is that you can incorporate future capacity. It’s just as easy to run three cables as it is to run one, so including extra capacity makes sense. Perhaps you don’t require CCTV right now but may want it in the future.

Get your security sorted early

Make sure you involve security experts (such as Be Alarmed) at the planning stage and they can help you design a system that will work for your unique requirements – now and into the future.

Adding the capability before a building is completed is much easier than retrofitting a solution, plus you have the opportunity to install a smart alarm system.

Just like the Jetsons…

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