Access control

Be Alarmed provides complete access control and security management systems for small businesses right through to large, multi-site corporations. We can provide you an integrated access control solution, allowing you to–

  • Control access to your place of work
  • Track, monitor and control movement around your site
  • Manage the security of your assets


By setting up access control for your business, you can digitally manage who can access your space, when they can access it, and to what extent. This includes managing access for staff, contractors, or visitors on site.

Entry access control can apply to a variety of locations, from entire sites or buildings to specific rooms or safes. Whether people are entering on foot, by vehicle, or via another mode of transport, it's important to consider all potential entry points when designing access control.

Access control systems offer peace of mind, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the areas they need to and nothing more. Since it's an automated system, it eliminates the need for personnel to monitor access manually. For growing organizations, access control also provides a streamlined and simple way to create an audit trail and reduce administration. Whether you're based in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or anywhere else in New Zealand, access control is a valuable addition to any business looking to enhance security and efficiency.

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