Radar Perimeter Protection

With the increasing number of perimeter protection monitoring related scenarios, more and more customers are no longer satisfied with simple video surveillance solutions. What they need is a more comprehensive, accurate, and intelligent global perimeter protection monitoring solution.

The Dahua Radar Perimeter Protection Solution, with combined radar trajectory tracking and PTZ camera video tracking, provides all-weather, high-precision, and wide-range global monitoring.

‍Business Challenge

  • High False Alarm Rate: Infrared sensors and traditional visual detection systems often generate false alarms due to surrounding events such as small animals, leaves, and flags. This can lead to missing alarms and reduced effectiveness.
  • Limited Documentation: While physical fences with fence sensors can provide precise alarms, they cannot capture visual information of the intrusion event. This can limit post-incident investigations and analysis.
  • Vulnerability to Weather and Environment: Traditional perimeter protection monitoring systems are easily impacted by weather and environmental factors like rain, snow, fog, and darkness. These conditions can reduce detection accuracy and reliability.
  • Limited Global Information: Traditional perimeter protection systems typically rely on single-point monitoring, which can limit their ability to track global trajectory within the monitoring range. This can result in blind spots and gaps in coverage.

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